Training for lab technicians

EIA BIORAD Genscreen HV1/2 ver 2 test has already been validated and used for epidemiological surveillance of HIV prevalence in the  SIALON project and will be also used in this project.


1) dissemination and use of “Handbook on lab methods for HIV and syphilis testing on Oral fluid” produced by SIALON project in all participating countries.

2) creation of a group of consultants involving representatives of laboratories who participated in the SIALON project (Verona, Barcelona, Bratislava) 

3) planning of a training programme/ protocol to be implemented in the participating countries. 

4) evaluation of capacities of each laboratory to perform oral fluid tests on samples collected during the survey

5) training days /sessions on EIA test in each lab/country able to perform HIV tests on oral fluid collected during the survey.

6) laboratories of countries where blood samples have been taken will send and aliquot from HIV positive samples to the "Istituto Superiore della Sanità" Rome where the method of calculation of antibodies avidity index will be used to determine the proportion of recently infected samples. All lab activities will be done at country level, except for the avidity index calculation which will be performed at central level. 

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