Civil Society

Collaboration with local Gay NGOs
Local Gay NGOs in all the partner countries have been actively involved in the Sialon II from the outset in order to ensure adequacy with social , cultural context and views of the target group. The project has provided these local NGOs with the opportunity to establish a dialogue not only with the institutional representatives in their countries but also with their counterparts in other countries participating in the project.


Collaboration with UNAIDS and WHO
Through the Sialon II project, a very fruitful channel of communication has been established with both UNAIDS and WHO. This collaboration has evolved into a formal working relationship in the context of Sialon II and the project protocol was submitted for the WHO review process. After having been reviewed by the WHO Research Project Review Panel (RP2-WHO), it was finally approved by the Research Ethics Review Committee (WHO-ERC) on the 27th February 2013.

Moreover, the collaboration with WHO foresees the development of capacity building and know how through both training and on-site coaching under the active supervision and in collaboration with UNAIDS and WHO in European and Eastern neighbouring countries.

Collaboration with ECDC
Building on the experience of Sialon, Sialon II aims to create a network of institutions working with the ECDC to implement new tools for STI surveillance in support of comprehensive, integrated HIV/STI prevention strategies.


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