As stated out in the Commission communication "Combating HIV/AIDS in the European Union and neighbouring countries, 2009 -2013" ( COM/2009/0569 final), effective prevention requires a solid evidence base and robust surveillance systems, including meaningful behavioural data to ensure that the key forces behind the epidemic are adequately addressed.

SIALON and SIALON II have developed a client friendly method of gathering biological and social data in MSM communities that can be used by a wide audience range. Policy and decision makers can make use of the data to design policies and strategies for building comprehensive approaches to addressing the immediate and long term prevention treatment and care services for MSM.

Health care services can use the SIALON and SIALON II method for building local and regional representations of the health care needs of MSM throughout the health system.

Gay organisations and other civil society networks can use Sialon data to accurately target health promotion and prevention campaigns together with the gay community, that are relevant at a very local level.

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